Yoga for Shoulder and Neck Pain

Smartphones offer numerous conveniences and help us stay connected, but overuse and improper use can lead to text neck and other body aches. Sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen all day can also cause problems. Certain yoga poses, however, can help alleviate and prevent minor neck and shoulder pain. The stretches below provide a good starting … Read More

Effective Workouts for a Busy Lifestyle

Frequent travel and busy periods don’t have to interrupt your fitness routine. There are plenty of ways to stay fit when you are on the road or can’t make it to the gym. If you have a little space and an exercise mat, you can work out almost anywhere. Yoga — More than 36 million Americans practice yoga, and its … Read More

Lose Weight With Interval Training

When it comes to sustained weight loss, you need to do two things — eat well and exercise. You can shed weight initially by altering your diet, but there’s more to gain from working out than just sweating off pounds. Exercise can improve your mood, boost your energy, facilitate better sleep and prevent various health problems. For example, if you’re … Read More

450 Active Minutes for a Longer Life

It’s widely advised that you should exercise at least three times a week for a total of approximately 150 minutes. But do you know the ideal amount of exercise you should get to increase your chances of living a long, healthy life? Participants who exercised the generally recommended 150 minutes per week still had a 31 percent lower risk of … Read More